Best tropical fish for beginners are.

The Guppy Fish also referred to as million-fish or rainbow fish is known worldwide. It naturally originates from Northeast and South America but mainly bred in captivity these days. However, it is now a common household tropical fish kept by almost every aquarist as one point or another. Furthermore, due to its relative cheapness and ease of keeping.

he Molly fish has another name which is Common Molly. Originally, they are from Malaysia and are popular for their passive temperament and, also high ability to adjust pretty quickly. They are available in abundance, at a very low price and a large color scheme to choose from. Moreover, they are playful, energetic and a good starter fish.

Danio rerio or the ZebraFish are native to the Ganges and the Himalayan region. They have a distinctive and easily recognizable zebra pattern. Owing to their hardiness, they are optimal for novice keepers unaware of how to set up a tank. By being Inexpensive helps in making sure that they can be purchased in groups of at least five because they are schooling fish without a community they grow highly agitated and stressed.

The Dwarf Gourami (Trichogaster lalius) is one of the smaller species of gourami that emerged from South Asia as a peace-loving, shy fish. They are a Labyrinth Fish which means they breather directly from the air and thus required access to the surface. This breed is high in demand due to its diverse, radiant pallor available in powder blue, flame red, and rainbow patterns. They have a very low mortality rate and don’t need much help to survive up to four years or more. These easygoing omnivores can live on a meaty and algae-based diet.

The Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta splendens) from Thailand is one of the most popular fish in the freshwater aquarium trade. The reason for this is their aesthetically appealing look. They are an extremely hardy Labyrinth Fish when kept in ideal waters although too often they are kept in very small tanks which is far from perfect.

Their strong will to live is seen as they can sustain themselves in stagnant, oxygen-deficient water systems. Although seemingly high maintenance, these beauties are very simple to care for and affordable however, some specially bred show fish can fetch large sums. As omnivores fish, they require both animal and plant food in the form of fish flakes or worms.

Catfish (Siluriformes) also recognized as Cory Cats traces back to Brazil, South America, and Upper Rio Guapore. Ample amounts are available worldwide from 140 types to choose from, making them an aquarium must have. Even as bottom-feeding catfish they possess a cool temperament and can possess a lifespan of up to twenty years.

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